Hiring a Virtual Assistant Helps  Your Business Grow!

Hello and thank you for joining me. I am Jennifer Wilner and I am the face of Secretary Central 
here in NJ.
Like a great Executive Secretary, a Virtual Secretary can become an invaluable part of your team- only we don't sit right outside of your office.

Secretary Central is dedicated to not only providing you and your company with professional administrative services, but also being easy to work with. whatever the project, large or small, you can be assured that the end product will be professional completed in a timely fashion , and on-budget.

My team and I can run your entire back office on a full time or part time basis or just pick up the slack here and there on occasional projects. Take a look at our "SERVICES" page to learn more about what we do, then Lets talk about how we can help your small business grow!
visit secretarycentral.blogspot.com to learn more

Virtually By Your Side

My website has moved, so if you wish to continue reading my blog, please consider visiting secretarycentral.blogspot.com .  I'm on YouTube as well ! My channel is jenwilner1. I'd love to hear your comments on my social media & small business success tips videos.

Another New Years Resolution?

We're all asked, what is your New Years Resolution?  Ugh... so much pressure I say!  How about instead, "What, if are the sort of person, will you do to help another?" 

In addition to running a busy Virtual Assistant business (that I really enjoy), I'm a Mom, who enjoys volunteering in our community.  Whether its with Cheerleading, Softball, or religion... I enjoy it. I feel good assisting other people, businesses & organizations, doing what I can , when I can.

Life has taken a big turn in the past 365 days for sure here in our house, between closing a business, starting another, burying our dear dog Dutchess and learning what I'm good (and not so good) at.

I believe if we can all take the time and include some sort of volunteerism into our day (as little as an hour a month) we'd all be helping someone else in a really big way. So my "resolution" is to keep it up, do what I can and encourage others to do the same. 

You never know what an amazing difference you could make for someone else.

Database management is crucial

Is your database a mess? No time to clean it up? By including a Virtual Assistant in your team, I can manage your database & calendar and you can watch your troubles (not your time) disappear. #JLWVA

Making time for Linked-in

Linkedin (www.linkedin.com) is about relationships, not just being connected yourself, but connecting people to help others.
Do you need help connecting to your niche market online?
A Virtual Assistant with these skills can help you.  Take a look at my Linkedin page: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=11716523&locale=en_US&trk=tab_pro  Let me know if I can help you!

New beginnings and Happy Holidays!

Wow, I cant believe it's been a month since I've posted a new blog. Sorry, readers!

I've been busy with a new business venture as a Virtual Assistant so over the next month you will see my blog take on a new look.... and some perspective. More of a professional feel than personal. 

Until then, Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year. My wish for you is a New Year filled with great health, and much success in everything you set YOUR heart to.

Best wishes,


RIP Dutchess my forever friend

It's with a heavy heart I share with you that our beautiful Boxer Dutchess, was laid to rest Monday, November 8. As painful as it is still,I wanted to share our news with our friends online. Dutchess was a sweet, patient, smart, loving dog. 
This blog was started years ago to celebrate Dutchess and what we shared; now that she's no longer physically by my side, I will continue to celebrate her life, and the love she gave everyone whos path she crossed.  Rest in Peace Dutchess Wilner 12/27/00-11/8/10.